seefloridago User Guide

Below is information on how to find, download and legally use the photography in the seefloridago collection. Additional help may be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Photo Search Tips

The seefloridago collection contains many types of photos, but is primarily limited to transportation related imagery in our great state of Florida.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, using the quick search box at the top of every page, or the advanced search, is probably the quickest way to find what you are looking for. Here are a few additional tips to maximize the chances of finding what you are looking for:

  • Start with specific terms. If you don’t get results, try broader terms.
  • For specific locations/areas, try using the advanced search and checking the applicable county(s) or typing a city name in the search box.
  • Check your spelling.
  • If searching isn't working, try browsing around!

Browse for Photos by Category

A great way to get started is to simply view photography that is already organized by category. There are many categories to choose from, and photos may belong to multiple categories. For a full listing of the categories, visit the browse page. Clicking on a category title is the same as if you typed it in the search box.

Downloading Photos

Once you've reached a single photo detail page, you'll find some of the key information for that particular photo, such as location, description, date taken and designated categories.

Below the photo information are options for downloading various versions of the same photo at different sizes: display, small, medium, and large. The photos vary in size and proportion, but here are some general guidelines for the sizes:

  • Display — Best for email. Not good for printing or large onscreen presentations.
  • Small — Good for big, on-screen use (think PowerPoint). Not generally big enough for printing.
  • Medium — Ideal for printing up to somewhere around 5x4 inches (photos vary in size). Also might be used for big desktop backgrounds or cropped to utilize smaller sections of the photo.
  • Large — Great for printing up to somewhere around 8x5.5". If you have photo editing capabilities, its always best to download this, the largest version and then you can always size it down as needed.

Once you've selected your download size, click on the download link. You'll need to confirm that you're using the photos for good--not evil (see usage guidelines), and then your download will begin. Enjoy!